GMK Łobez S.A.

GMK Łobez S.A is a joint- stock company established as a result of the transformation of a state company known as ‘’the Repair Agricultural Mechanism Works’’ in Łobza, which has been providing services since 1949.

GMK Łobez S.A is currently the service of rendering and production targeting at:

Areas of

We provide the manufacture of rubber and rubber- metal products covering a wide variety of products, from very small elements to large size elements.

At present our product range includes over 400 fixed items and the same number of items produced according to an individual customer order and request.


The company collaborates with large and individual companies operating in the automotive industry, agriculture industry and other branches of the industries.

It offers workmanship and assembly of steel halls, shelters, roofing, containers, pallets and other products that are in the scope of mechanical and welding works.